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Produce Gift Box

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Peas & Potatoes gift boxes are the same Ontario Fruit and Vegetable boxes that our customers have been enjoying each week. We're offering to deliver it to your family/friend if they are in our delivery zone.

We're excited to share the quality, convenience and flavours of our marketplace. We will continuously work to add new and interesting items for you to discover. 

STEP 1: Check delivery zone
First, ensure that we deliver to your recipient's postal code. If not, please email us to inquire.

Check recipients postcode

STEP 2: Add a produce gift box to your cart
Select the veg and fruit options for your gift box and click Add to Cart. Add other optional add-ons to your cart by clicking on "Shop" in the top banner to access our marketplace.

Note: If you'd like to shop for yourself, please checkout first and start a new session so we can separate which items are to be delivered to you vs your gift recipient. 

STEP 3: Checkout
Use your recipient's address in the shipping address. Set your address in the billing address.

Lastly: When shopping for yourself, make sure that the shipping address is your address.

Thank you for keeping us in mind for your gifting options!