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Why We Do What We Do

Growing up our kitchen table was a combination of adventures. Meals created from market fresh vegetables, mixed in sometimes with a few special items brought home from the supermarket, and rustic breads from the local boulangerie.

Every day was a lesson in how simple, seasonal and diverse ingredients could be combined to create flavour, a meal for the family and leftovers to whip up school sandwiches the next day.

When we started Peas & Potatoes in 2020 it was a chance to support and promote these ideas of simplicity, flavour, friends and family.

Our main goal is to make it easier for people to get access to fresh produce; the best of the season. Every week we curate and deliver a box of local vegetables to Toronto residents. We think about quality, flavour and nutrition.

Our social media platforms are there for our community to share ideas, questions and creations. All are welcome, from foodies, to chefs to adventurous beginners. We’d like to be part of your kitchen table story. Give us a try.

Chief Vegetable Officer
Peas & Potatoes