Box 9: Baby Carrot Gems

We got rain last weekend. The fields and our Toronto lawns were thirsty! Thank you all for lovely messages and pictures that you shared with me about your last box 8.

Box #9 - Time to dive in.

We’re especially excited about local broccoli, baby carrot bunches (They will surprise you, nothing like the packaged kind)

Baby Carrot Bunches - the feature of this post, a gorgeous product and entirely different from what you may have seen at the supermarket. Slice open one of the red ones and you'll be in for a surprise ;-)

Broccoli - Is it possible to not like broccoli? It’s packed with health benefits. Growing up, we had broccoli with either a béchamel sauce with baguette or sautéed asian style with rice. The stems are a favourite for some. To prepare the stems, separate the florets from the thick stem. Peel the stem with a small paring knife and cut them like you would a carrot. From there, proceed with your recipe.

Boston Lettuce - We couldn’t resist this red variety. They will make gorgeous salads and lettuce wraps. Enjoy.

Fava Beans - There are a few different ways to prepare this. The method I am familiar with is to shuck out the beans, blanch them and peel each one. Cook them into a side dish, add them to your tomato stews, mash them or add them to your favourite dips and hummus. I like mine cooked thoroughly.

Sweet Peas - Still available as an add-on. I’m so glad you’re still enjoying them. Have you been using the pea pods? Many people use it to make cold soups or stock. I’m looking for some inspiration. Let me know!

Seedlings with Edible Flowers - I have secured about a dozen bags for next week as an add-on! Very limited. I am working on getting more. As mentioned our growers are operating on limited capacity.

Enjoy your produce and let me know if you have any questions.




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